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VRT Megapump Bodybuilding System Scientific Studies ! The Amazing Breakthrough that ‘Packs On Muscle’ Without Weights or Gadgets in Just 15 Minutes a Day!

Larry Olson

Now, an extraordinary scientific breakthrough called the VRT System increases muscle development quickly without weights, apparatus, electro stimulators, or dangerous steroids. The exercise era has prompted a great deal of scientific research into the mind-body relationship of muscle physiology, culminating in the VRT System. It has been proven to be a safe, effective way to stimulate the entire muscular system into a maximum growth phase by causing a maximum “pump” (vasocongestion) in every major muscle group in an average period of less than 20 minutes.

Since its primary development in the United States in 1983, the VRT Megapump Bodybuilding System has been tested by thousands of male and female bodybuilders, from beginners to world-class weightlifters, in the United States and over 30 foreign countries.

VRT System Scientific Studies

The results were extremely impressive; over 95% noticed an increase in muscular size and muscular tone, regardless of their prior level of development. Continued scientific research has been performed on the technique in America.

In 1985, news reports from what was then the Soviet Union revealed that Soviet trainers picked up on the VRT System through the “grapevine,” and Soviet Olympic coaches were using the system to train their weightlifters, wrestlers, gymnasts and other Olympic athletes.

Their exercise physiologists accumulated some extremely impressive statistics; in addition to markedly increasing muscular development, they found that this technique increased strength, speed of movement, and neuromuscular coordination. It was also discovered that this system does not strain or damage joints, no matter how many times it is performed — a common malady of bodybuilders using weights and exercise devices.

News of this system, and the research statistics that the Soviets accumulated in the mid-eighties, prompted several articles to be written in leading bodybuilding publications.


What is VRT System?

As previously mentioned, the VRT system is neither a device, apparatus, nor a drug. It is a technique or system of exercise. However, it is totally unique in its concept and in its ability to create an extremely intense pump in all of the muscles, which is the basis of all bodybuilding systems, in order to nurture the muscles onto growth. But it is not an aerobic or callisthenic technique; it is not an isometric technique, nor is it a synergistic technique. It is based largely upon a Visualized technique applied simply and thoroughly to the muscle through its full range of motion. The discovery of this concept and its application to bodybuilding was considered extremely brilliant and yet incredibly simple; simple, from the standpoint that it can be performed by virtually anyone regardless of age or sex, and a breakthrough in that this idea had never before been applied to bodybuilding. It is astoundingly quick and thorough in that every major muscle group can obtain a pump as intense as that of any weight training session in as little as 15 minutes. cutting down the average workout time to less than a third of what it usually would be.


The VRT System can be used successfully alone or in conjunction with a weight training program. Research has shown that the VRT System does not shred or tear muscle tissue the way that weight training does…which is the well-known reason that weight trainers allow a day of rest between workouts for a particular muscle group. A workout every day on a particular body part overtaxes the muscle, actually causing little or no growth to take place. The VRT System can be effectively applied to that muscle group, and every muscle group, during or after the weight training session and on the off-days. In this way, bodybuilder or athlete training with weights can maximize their bodybuilding results quickly, thoroughly and effectively. The same holds true for the advocate of any other bodybuilding system or device; VRT is proven safe and effective, regardless of the situ at ion


What Doctors Say About VRT

In addition to the voluminous research performed on VRT and the testimonials of successful students of the VRT technique, over one dozen American doctors, physicians and chiropractors included, have performed the VRT technique and have testified to its safety and effectiveness as a bodybuilding technique. With such high public and scientific opinion in its favor, the VRT System proudly offers a money-back guarantee to its users: if within the first 30 days after performing the VRT technique the user feels that this is not a valid or effective bodybuilding technique, simply return the course in good condition for a 100% refund.


The VRT System was developed, written, and patented by Gregory Mangan, a bodybuilder from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Mr. Mangan holds a graduate degree in the biological sciences, and independently performed extensive research and experimentation with exercise physiology and Visualization techniques. He developed and perfected the concept of VRT after years of experimentation with isometrics and isotonic weight training exercises. In addition to his interests in the life sciences, he is also an accomplished artist.


Why VRT Surpasses Weights and Drugs

There is no denying the high rank weight training holds as a bodybuilding tool. However, there are two very important categories that detract from weight training’s total superiority: time and injuries. The VRT System reduces the workout time to less than one third of an average weight training session by eliminating the need for changing barbell plates and poundage’s. training stations, and so on. One VRT exercise can be immediately followed by another in any kind of surroundings – a living room, a hotel room, a train – it is perfect for the busy or traveling bodybuilder. Some VRT exercises can even be performed in an easy chair. Injuries are common with weight training because of accidental incorrect positioning of the weight for the exercise, known as incorrect form. Such problems are not possible with VRT, for the resistance is provided by your body’s own physiology rather than by the force of gravity. Drugs, such as anabolic steroids, are increasingly being recognized as a health hazard rather than a boon to bodybuilding. Acromegaly is common (enlargement of some of the extremities of the body such as the ears, jaw, and hands) and increase in the size of the internal organs (such as the liver) which can endanger their functions.


There is absolutely no time like the present to begin a bodybuilding program. The rewards of bodybuilding are far more than a more pleasing physical appearance. Bodybuilding programs have been credited with elevating the overall health of the human body, both mental and physical. There is medical evidence that bodybuilding regimens have “cured” a host of incapacitating illnesses. Whether your goal is to develop your musculature, improve your strength and power, lose unwanted fat, or just get back into shape, there is no reason in the world why you can’t begin today, because now you have the opportunity to do it without the expense of joining a commercial health club or purchasing any exercise equipment. You can perform the VRT System quick and efficiently in the privacy of your own home. Remember, you can reap the benefits of a stronger, healthier body, along with the energy and stamina to live your life to its fullest.

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