VRT – The Visualized Resistance Training Megapump System

“Build Super Muscles Without Weights, Fast!” The Astounding new Breakthrough that Packs On Muscle Without Weights or Gadgets in Just 15 minutes!

Dear Friend,

What if I told you there is a way to have bigger, more powerful muscles without weights, without long workouts, without exercise machines, without even a gadget of any kind?

Then stand back for the greatest revolution in bodybuilding since the barbell! Pack on muscle with an incredible new system that takes just a fraction of a weight training session — just 15 minutes — achieving results like a 2 hour training session!

Isometrics you say? No way. This is far better, faster, and more efficient than even weight training!

Greg S. Mangan, The creator of VRT System

I’ll tell you how with a little story, and introduce myself as well. When I’m through, you’ll have everything you need to know about this system.

My name is Greg Mangan. Maybe you’ve tried bodybuilding before; maybe not. I myself worked out with weights and isometrics on and off for about 10 years. The results? Pretty good, but my biggest hang-up was time. I have a million other things I’d rather do with my spare time than spend it in long workouts, but I still wanted to have a really well-developed physique. I’m sure it’s the same for you.

With my job and other outside interests, I can’t even devote one hour a day to workouts, much less the 3 to 4 hours a day of weight training that world-title bodybuilders dedicate themselves to. And if I were out of town on a business trip or vacation, where would I find weights or a health club? Even a suitcase or an overnight bag can’t hold an exercise gadget. Know anyone who can haul weights around when they leave town? I don’t.

If you’re like me, you don’t have a lot of time to devote to bodybuilding. Few of us can arrange our whole life to revolve around weight training or exercise machines.

Before VRT

I devoted a great deal of creative thinking and experimentation to the science of muscle physiology. With a degree in Biological Science and my background as an artist, I like to approach things in a creative way. After some time I stumbled upon this method, almost by accident. But when I began to develop it, I knew immediately that I came upon something new, something big, something that had never been done before in bodybuilding. With the first experimental exercises, I felt a tremendous “pump” swell my muscles, and with the invigorating, muscle-building high that I experienced, I vowed I would dedicate my life to sharing this new discovery with the whole world!

After VRT

I decided to call it Greg Mangan’s VRT System.

Make no mistake; VRT is based upon sound scientific principles of muscle physiology; it’s just that they are applied in a totally unique manner. I developed a course that blasts every major muscle group, lasts no more than 15 minutes a day, and best of all, doesn’t require any weights, furniture, fitness equipment, or anything else — whatsoever. Many of my students say the system is nothing short of amazing!

The VRT System coordinates your mind and body to develop your muscles using a simple Visualized technique. It can be done anywhere and in any type of clothing. Remember, VRT is not isometrics or calisthenics, outdated methods still used as an alternative to weights. Students of mine who have tried those methods say VRT far surpasses them in results. VRT can be done by anyone, regardless of age or sex — including kids or senior citizens. It’s been described as the most creative, brief, and intense system for building muscle ever devised. It works!!


The VRT System has been tested and proved successful by doctors, bodybuilders, wrestlers, martial artists and other athletes. In fact, Russian coaches had officially endorsed it as a training technique for all their Olympic athletes. (Apparently they came in contact with it through VRT sales in Europe. They tested it and found the results remarkable!) There are thousands of students of the system the world over.

I have a brand new DVD and illustrated manual of the courseImagine — this amazing system can be in your hands in a matter of days, building your muscles from the very start!

Put it this way: if you want to look and feel better than ever, have tremendous energy and the kind of physique that stands out in a crowd, you owe it to yourself to try VRT today! But you must act now, for supplies are truly limited!

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Best Regards,
Greg Mangan