VRT – The Visualized Resistance Training Megapump System
Commonly Asked Questions!

VRT System FAQ's

Q: Can I order the VRT Megapump System if I live in a foreign country?
A: Yes. Shipping and Handling charges are included. Simply go to the “Buy Now” button below and pay by PayPal.

Q: Exactly how does this system work?
A: Special Visualized techniques (your imagination) are used to magnify a pumping exercise that involves opposing muscle groups. You will DEFINITELY feel the effects of this system with the very first exercise! This way you can eliminate weights and machines. Without weights to change or machines to adjust, you can zip through an entire workout in just 15 minutes!

Q: What if I don’t like this system?
A: We offer a full 30-day money back guarantee. The entire cost of the DVD will be refunded to you, minus shipping and handling, upon return. No questions asked.

Q: What kind of gains can I expect with this system?
A: Two factors which make a difference between individual’s muscle gains is genetics and diet. Genetics: if you’re born to build muscle fast, medium, or slow (you’re a tough gainer), it will be the same with this system as it would with the heaviest weight regimen! But remember, if you have a average or below average genetics, proper diet is a big deciding factor. High calorie, high protein diets will pack on the muscle much faster. Regardless of who you are, you should be able to see results in under 2 weeks.

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