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About VRT, the Visualized Resistance Training Mega Pump System

VRT is a bodybuilding system that builds muscle; it is an exercise, not isometrics, and has aerobic characteristics too; it is similar to but predates DVR. It is better than calisthenics, running, or jogging; it helps you in football, wrestling, and arm wrestling. It’s as good as or better than weight lifting or weight training, and requires no weights. It develops muscle growth. It does not require a Bull worker or a Bully extreme or the use of a Total Gym. Charles Atlas taught dynamic tension, and it is better than this in its ability to build muscle. Power calisthenics, powerlifting, Olympic lifting, push ups, pull ups, and chin ups cannot compare to results you’ll see; pumping iron will take a second place to Visualized resistance. No need for Pilates, a Bowflex, a Soloflex, a Nautilus, or a Universal weight machine; this system takes the place of all of them. It encourages weight loss for the overweight, and muscle gain and weight gain for the thin person. John Peterson uses a system similar to this in his Transformetrics program. Ross Enamait, Matt Furey with his Combat Conditioning, and Pavel Tsatsouline also recognize this system too.

VRT is a totally weightless, non-apparatus bodybuilding method that can be done anywhere, even in an office, and only requires self-resistance. This workout is isotonic, and can build strength and muscle without weights. It does not require one to stretch or do an isometric exercise to build muscles.

Don’t Believe Me? Then Read What Others Say! Like I said, IT WORKS!!

“Hi, Greg,

First, thanks for sharing your knowledge about VRT exercising.

I have bought your DVD about one year ago and I think it is time to tell what I think of it.

When I bought it, I was used to my bodyweight training but lacked time to train because of changes in my life (professional change and birth of my son) and I could no longer spend one hour on each session. Moreover, I had a pain in my right shoulder. It was time for me to change my workout and to start VRT. Great choice:

  • I now spend roughly 15 minutes daily (often divided in “sub-sessions”).
  • My shoulder pain has disappeared.
  • I have greatly improved my strength (pull up skills, for instance).
  • The struggle between flexors and extensors creates a good balance between the muscles: you cannot have huge pecs and a weak back, for instance.
  • It really and efficiently builds muscle : I gained 10 kg of lean muscle mass in one year. And my physical appearance is greater than before.
  • And it’s real fun! You can create all the extraordinary machines you might imagine. You do not pull your pull bar at each session. You can lift rocks, pull cars, bend metal bars, crush stones…

Thanks again.”

Olivier (from France).

Hi all, long time no post.
I consider VRT more of a bodybuilding method due to the specificity required especially for complex moves but I have to say that I’m impressed with the strength gains in my shoulders.

Yesterday I tried full ROM handstand push ups for the first time after very long time.Three years ago I was able to do 2-3 reps and now I did 7 reps and I’m 20 pounds heavier.”

Douglis – Athens, Greece.

Dear Greg,
I just want to offer of testimony of Greg’s system.
In less than a week using the VRT straight legged dead lift my sciatica has improved from zero to about 6 in a scale of 1 to 10. In addition, After I do the exercises my muscles feel as stressed as if I had used free weights. Incredible! And this is without joint pains.
I strongly recommend this course.


Your workout system is almost miraculous to me, in that I can workout intensely without injury after 30 years of weight training. I have been doing VRT exclusively the last few weeks, and the results are obvious.

I am proud to endorse your product. I consider myself one of your best students! LOL! Shen pointed me your way and your DVD and book did the rest. I really wish I had not weight trained before, because I know that everyone will say my previous weight training is responsible for my results. Truth is, I am a hard gainer and had stalled with weights for years. VRT worked right away, especially my arms and shoulders. My back and chest were already pretty developed, but I look much more symmetrical now. Once I am down to a weight where I really look lean, will send you pics, if you want to use to to push the course. I owe you that and much more.

All the best, Mike.”

Your VRT System is possibly the best system for natural bodybuilding and mind/muscle connection. I have gotten exceptional results from this program and I’m always looking for the best in exercise and this is a top 3 for me. I love this system and I continue to use it. It’s by far the best system for traveling and at home next to isometrics. You have shown the true meaning of mind/muscle connection. Atlas would be proud.

Ben B, Santa Cruz, CA”

“Well, I got Greg’s DVD and I think it is just great. Greg does an excellent job of explaining what VRT is, and in demonstrating the movements. On the DVD, Greg comes off as highly intelligent and as an all-round nice guy, which we all ready know. I guess he sounds so articulate and intelligent because he has some hot-shot degree in something really heavy. Can’t remember exactly what – avocado storage, or something like that.

VRT is truly an amazing system of building muscle! And the beauty of it is, is that you can do it anytime anywhere. You can utilize all the fancy equipment found in a gym on a beach, in a park, on a mountain top, or in a parking lot.

When I first heard of this stuff, I had been lifting weights for years. And then I was suddenly being asked to believe that I could set the weights aside and just pretend to lift weights. At the time, I just couldn’t put a lot of store in the notion. A few years later I decided that I really wanted to make a big change in my training and thought I’d give that which I had never taken seriously an honest go. A heated debate elsewhere in the world also inspired me to try VRT. I mean, how can you debate something you’ve never experienced?

Over a year and a half later, it’s still one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Once I captured the essence of doing VRT, it turned out that it is, in fact, as close to actually lifting weights as anything I’ve ever done!

Bruce Tackett, Owner/Operator website ‘Zen in the Art of Self Resistance’

Ronn G., Oklahoma City writes, “VRT is a beautiful technique… it feels so good! As enjoyable as VRT is, I can see myself doing it ALL the time! I like the rapport it helps me to develop between my muscles and my mind. Everything about it appeals to me. I like to think that our mind shapes our physical realities, and VRT underscores that idea beautifully. So yes, I think you’ve done a good thing. Congratulations, and thank you!”

Robert D. of Charleston, South Carolina writes, “As you can see, everything went up: chest: 45-1/2 to 47, arms. 17-1/2 to 18-1/4, thighs: 25 to 26, calves. 16 to 16 1/4”.

James G. of Anacortes, Washington says, “I own a Soloflex, and I get a much better pump using your system. My friends and I practice the VRT System.

Edward M. of Twilight, West Virginia writes, “I like to think of (Mr. Mangan) as a sort of “mentor” of a logical approach to building a good physique, because the more I think about the simplicity of NO weights, and just how smart the program is, the more I love it! I think the bodybuilding world should know about this great technique as an alternative to weights.”

“I used VRT-type movements exclusively and significantly increased my strength, muscle hardness. definition and overall solidity. In some ways I developed more with VRT than by lifting weights, as I was able to work out nearly every day. A good upper body session of VRT makes my arms and back feel thick and worked, and the skin feels stretched and full, and this carries throughout the day.”


“Thank you very much for your kind reply.

I’ve been doing VRT exclusively for a few weeks and become more amazed at the results with every workout. I have worked out hard with weights for ten years, and was skeptical of getting the needed muscle stimulation using this form of training. But, I was hopeful, ordered the tape, and am yet another satisfied customer. I am a graduate of the Charles Atlas program, and I can say that VRT, so far, is vastly superior in almost every way — safer, quicker, faster muscle gains, and last but not least, MORE FUN! I’m even considering putting off a return to weight training, my results have been so encouraging.”

M.J. Armstrong

“Hi Greg, just to let you know that I got my video, converted it to the pal format, as I live in the UK. I have used VRT for 1 week, and I think it is great. I have been training for 10 years using weights, but this system is special, there must be hundreds of exercises you can do, and you can train anywhere. Once again thanks for a great system.”